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Class of 1945

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• Unknown • Registered • Member • Deceased

• Kathleen "Kathleen" M (Bilsland) Reef

• Knight Campbell

• Robert G. 'Bob' Davis

• Ronald Keith DeLap

• Mary Louise (Giles) Stuart

• Paul R. Goldstein

• Ervin R. Hallam

• Mary Jo (Honecker) Mikels

• Betty (Hubble) Blakemore

• Delcina "Tiger Annie" Ann (Kern) Cassella

• Alidabelle "Belle" (Long) Glunt

• Margaret (Medsker) Hansen-Kahn

• E. W. "Mike" Mikels

• Earl W. Mikels

• William Romer

• Maurice "Maury" (none) Siskel

• Marjorie "Margie" Jane (Stewart) Meyer

• Lawrence 'Larry' Stuart