A New Look and A New Program

Shortridge became the International Baccalaureate magnet program for IPS in August of 2015. The Law and Public Policy Program has moved to Arsenal Technical High School.

Since its complete renovation in 2009 the Shortridge building is really beautiful and welcomes all alumni interested in a tour of the building. Call us or the school and schedule a tour of the "new" Shortridge. Or plan a trip next year when we have our yearly gathering (Saturday, June 4th 2016).


In the 1950s through the early 1970s, Shortridge High School (Indianapolis, IN) developed phenomenally talented basketball players who excelled as high school, collegiate and professional-level athletes. On Friday, December 4, 2015, at half-time of the Broad Ripple vs. Shortridge High School basketball game, the jerseys of six of those former basketball champions and Indiana All Stars and/or Indiana Basketball Hall of Famers had their high school jerseys retired. The game and ceremony was held in the Shortridge H.S. gym. Honored were:

   1) Charles "Binkey" Brown - Class of 1954 - first African American in the school's history to be named MPV in the IPS school system.

   2) Robert (Bobby) "Biscuit" Williams - Class of 1956

   3) Gerald (Gerry) "Muffin" Williams - Class of 1959

   4) Clarence "Butch" Crain - Class of 1968

   5) Oscar Evans - Class of 1968

   6) Charles Jordan - Class of 1972

Each of their stellar basketball and professional careers was highlighted during the ceremony. These great athletes ruled the hardwood.

Seated is : Charles Jordan. Standing Left to Right: Gerald "Gerry" (Muffin) Williams, Charles, "Binkey" Brown, Oscar Evans, Clarence "Butch" Crain.

Charles "Binkey" Brown -- receiving his jersey replica

In addition to his jersey replica, Charles Jordan also received a Special collage of his team from the Indiana Pacers

At the end of the ceremony all the honorees held up their respective jersey numbers. Robert "Bobby" (Biscuit) Williams was ill and was represented a his niece.