Shortridge Add New Students.

As Broad Ripple High School closed at the end of the Spring 2018 semester, Shortridge has added new students from several schools this fall taking classes with the Blue Devils.
The Shortridge cafeteria was modified over the summer to add two classrooms, the music department was renovated (to increase the size of band, orchestra and choir) and several areas around the school (like the backstage area of Caleb Mills Hall) were opened up for new theater classes and storage for stage productions.

For those of you that haven't seen the school since the 2007 renovation, the music department was moved from the 4th floor to the Annex to allow for the air conditioning towers to be installed on the 4th Floor, the Annex use to house the theater's Scene Shop, the Echo's printing press and the dance studio on the Pennsylvania Street side of the building.

An IB World School

International Baccalaureate Program
at Shortridge

After the closing of Shortridge in 1981 (followed after a few years by its reopening as a middle school), in 2009 Shortridge was "reconstituted" as a high school again and offically became Shortridge Magnet High School for Law and Public Policy.

Seven years later (in November of 2014) the Indianapolis Public Schools Board of Directors voted to approve the recommendation of Dr. Lewis Ferebee, new Superintendent of IPS, to move the Law and Public Policy program from Shortridge to Arsenal Technical High School. And to move the International Baccalaureate program to Shortridge from Gambold High School.

Students in the middle school program at Shortridge (which had continued with the high school since the late 1980's) were moved to other schools of their choice. And those high school students that wished to stay at Shortridge and participate in the IB program or move to Tech for the Law and Public Policy program were allowed to do so or transfer to other schools (inside and outside of the district).
When that was completed, the administration began staffing the schools to accommodate the student/parent preferences.

The Shortridge Alumni Association remains committed to all students that have spent any time at Shortridge. If you have been a student at Shortridge, you are Shortridge alumni.